Aging by _HerRo on Flickr.

Aging by _HerRo on Flickr.


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Photographer is my passion, love, and life.

Wolves. Trees. Dreamcatchers.

Cuddling. Kissing. Holding hands. Hearing heart beats. My boyfriend!

Tattoos. Plugs. Piercings.

Rain. Piano. Volin. music.

Hippies. Blankies. Long hair.

I love everything old fashion, old style. Black and white photography.

I love long hair and no shoes. Flowing clothes that blow in the wind.

I love seeing the world as one big picture, one big canvas that is for us to decorate.

In love with the boy of my dreams! 5/29/2009 <3



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Finally actually put a picture up of me, but of course, it's not the best one what so ever, just the most recent one, and I look like I am twelve haha But hey world!